Iris Caldwell

Iris Caldwell was George Harrison’s girlfriend, before he was in the Beatles, in Liverpool, England, in 1957. She later dated Paul McCartney, in 1962. Her brother was Rory Storm, whose group, The Hurricanes, had as their drummer, Ritchie Starkey, later known as Ringo Starr.

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  1. george de baere says:

    last summer (2012) a journalist by the name of Tom Egbers published a book on Rory as he felt the memory of Alan was about to get lost. This was done as it says with the active cooperation of sister Iris who not only supplied the writer with information, but also with rare photographs of the family albums. I don’t know if the book is published in English, but I think it would give a lot of comfort to the people who were around at that time and involved with the Caldwell family.

  2. I have so many fond memories of Iris and Winnie Mac also, they were my dance teachers in the 1970’s too,my Mum made all the costumes for my dance troup, and we would do shows all round different venues in Liverpool.Seems like yesterday.


    If this message gets to you Iris i would love you to give me a quick ring my daughter Shannon has just come across this page and i would love to talk to you as Jimmy passed away in feb this year 2010 i dont know if you knew ? love Margaret Jenkins 0151 733 7201

  4. barbara town says:

    hello iris…i am barbaras husband geoff and i am praying that you get this message because i have been trying for a couple of years tocontact you. i think you know barbara as your brother alans girlfriend in the early 60″s.she has mentioned you and alan on numerous occations . please could you e-mail me,i will be most grateful. kind regards geoff mynne

  5. Christine Harvey (Brown) says:

    Iris was my dance teacher in the 1970’s and made a massive impact on my life. She was energetic, beautiful and a really nice person. Growing up in Liverpool in the 1970’s was great, but Winnie Mac and her made life fantastic. I was the gollywog and gymnast in the theatre production and I remember she organised the wig, make up etc. Amazing

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