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51 Responses so far.

  1. Andy says:

    Thanks Seth. Checked it out of Netflix and loved it. Very moved by George being so sweet to the Apple Scruffs.

  2. Alan Millen says:

    I’ve been hearing good things about your movie from friends in Canada. As the lyricist for Newcastle Road and the songs on the CD Blue Suburban Skies (see Youtube reference), I’d be happy to send you a copy. Two tracks from the CD have been played on BBC Radio Merseyside. Your project sounds like it was a true labour of love. Hats off!

  3. Graham Harley says:

    Hi Seth

    Just wanted to say how incredible I think your film is. I’m from Liverpool England and I’ve been a Beatles fan all my life. Its almost impossible to come up with something original when it comes to The Beatles but you have managed it.

    It made me laugh and it made me cry.

    When I think of the effort it must have taken you to make this film, I’m astounded.

    Thank you, it was all worth it


    Graham Harley

  4. Lucia Grosner says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful movie! It mad me feel connected to you and to all the interviewed, no matter how famous they are, we all die-hard Beatlemaniacs. After seeing your movie, I became even crazier about them, if this is possible.

  5. michael haver says:

    I’ve just watched the Beatles Anthology on DVD. That’s a great insight and part fly on the wall documentary. Most things we see about them are very familiar. Can’t wait to see your DVD. Mike, Liverpool.

  6. Karen Winder says:

    Thank you for this movie. I really loved it. They really were great stories. The Beatles had dinner at my grandfather’s private club after their one performance in Dallas in 1964. I was 8 years old. He never told me! It would have been so fantastic if I could have just caught a glimpse of them. I didn’t find out until after he passed away when I read an article about the old club in the newspaper. I was really stunned and wished that he’d have let me in on it. I loved them from first sight on The Ed Sullivan show in 1964 and to this day. I recently saw Paul in Houston. He puts on an amazing show. Thanks for making this. It really touched me.

  7. Art G says:

    Also, I could have easily watched a few more hours of comments and interviews from regular folks.
    Hey Seth, please make a second volume or Part Two to this wonderful Documentary

  8. Art G says:

    I just saw this yesterday on Netflix.
    It’s been added to the new releases on Netflix

  9. Chad Tilbury says:

    Just wanted to let you know that this is the most enjoyble beatle related dvd ever. I’ve been a beatles fan most of my life and literally have everything that has ever been produced by the group. This doc blew my mind!! Well done!!

  10. Christopher says:

    Why do we in the UK have to wait till January 28th 2013 before we can buy this DVD? I would love to see it and have waited ages already – I’m ready to part with my cash for a copy. The Beatles did play in England too so please don’t make us a late afterthought.

  11. BJ Robson says:

    The Red Button is Great!

  12. Seth, I wish you could have interviewed me for you film. I would have told the story about how I tricked the hotel operator in Boston in 1965 (or 66) when I was 15, and got Paul and John on the phone. I spoke to John for 5 minutes. I also met George 2 times as an adult and got to hang out with him in a music store for an hour.

    • dave donnelly says:

      there is a book being compiled by a British singer / songwriter named Dean Johnson on a site called “the Beatles and me” and it’s all about fans tales of anybody who met the guys…he would love to hear from you …Google him …and mention me

  13. Jack Carone says:

    Seth, saw the movie last night at the Egyptian– VERY cool– as someone very affected by the music and culture generated by the Beatles, a friend of a couple of your interview subjects and a person with his own close encounter, I was moved to tears and laughter frequently. I recommend this highly, thanks for putting in all the time and effort, it was well worth it.

  14. David says:

    Hi Seth… Thank You.

    I just watched Beatles Stories on hulu… OMG. The Beatles have always had am inexplicable effect on me, and your film adds a whole new dimension to the joy that comes from being a Beatles fan. You really brought the magic of the Beatles to life in a whole new way for me… THIS MOVIE SHOULD BE SEEN BY EVERY BEATLES FAN THAT EVER LIVED!
    (And the in-between music bits, VERY nice.)

    I can’t find tickets on Fandango, am I late?

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

  15. Barry says:

    Do you have a distribution deal yet? When and where is this showing in Dallas, Texas–or is it available on DVD?

  16. I have been lucky enough to see several previews during production. Grabbed me right from the start. Superb. Deserves a big audience.
    But let me declare an ‘in interest’ – Seth’s a mate of mine. And a very talented one.

    Neil – Paesmarsh. East Sussex. UK

  17. Joe says:

    please tell me this is screenin in NYC sometime soon !!!

  18. Seth, will your film be screened at the upcoming Beatles Week festival in Liverpool in August? I will be there discussing my research on The Beatles- BeatleMusings- an anthology of Beatle scholarship. If you send me a regular email address I can send you the first volume of essays in the project: A Chronicle of the Musical Legacy of The Beatles.

  19. Miki says:

    I love The Beatles!!!!
    Can we see this movie in Japan!?

  20. Donna Moreno says:

    Hi Seth…just saw the movie/documentary this past weekend at “Abbey Road on the River” beatles festival in Louisville,Kentucky!

    It was fantastic…loved all the interviews with the various celebrities,singers,actors. And knowing how they were in AWE of meeting all or one of beatles! It was so cool.

    You really did your research well! Too bad you couldn’t make it to AROTR in Louisville to discuss it further and for the Q&A.

    Donna Moreno~
    Los Angeles,Ca.

  21. Elizabeth Rubel says:

    Excellent film with intriguing interviews, time capsule moments, and humorous tidbits.

    A “must see” for any Beatles Fan!

  22. Dee Dee says:

    We caught the Newport Film Festival showing; stayed to listen to Seth (so articulate; so in-sych with our love & appreciation of the lads’ contribution to the world and my life). I agree that meeting them would be a simple moment for them but a profound outburst of appreciation by me.

    The movie: We tried to come up with a favorite part. Couldn’t. Was it Luci Baines Johnson? Was it the Bangles? Might have been AppleScruffs.

    Have to say I always thought that Paul had actually phoned in live to win the BWTB (which is on as I type this Sunday morning) quiz question. Staged. Oh well, still a pleasure.

    (NOTE FROM SETH SWIRSKY: It was not staged. That is exactly how it happened as with everything in the movie).

    SETH, THANKS FOR A WONDERFUL CONTRIBUTION TO THE WORLD OF FILM AND BEATLE HISTORY TO BOOT. Great idea — can’t wait to see the hours of tape that wasn’t used. Im sure I’d enjoy every bit.
    Dee Dee of Surf City Insurance/Surf City Financial Group —- my summer vacation this year was 4th row center @ Ringo’s Palm Springs show.

  23. Hi Seth
    Many congrats on yer movie
    Wishing you all the best.
    Peace and Love

  24. Collin says:

    Hi there Seth! Previews look great!I found your vid when I searched ‘Mitch Weissman’and went to the iMBD site. I seen on one of your screen caps you have Jimmy Pou as playing with 1964. He no longer performs with 1964, post 1964:the tribute he was with Beatlemania NOW and is currently with RAIN:A tribute to The Beatles.

  25. Michael Manriquez says:

    Just won tickets to this film this morning on 95.5 KLOS Breakfast with the Beatles. Can not wait to see this……….

  26. javier silva says:

    How can i buy a copy? thank you very much.

  27. Mike says:

    This film looks clearly from the heart and obviously has real spirit to it. Cannot wait to experience it! Congratulations on what clearly has been a labour of love! Beatlesfans rejoice!

  28. Ned Rice says:

    Looking forward to seeing this! BTW Harry Shearer (The Simpsons, etc.) told a good story on Le Show (his NPR show in LA) about meeting George Harrison backstage during a Spinal Tap concert.

  29. Eddie Miles says:


    There’s no better way of seeing peoples’ love of the Beatles portayed than by seeing them tell a Beatles story.
    You can see it as their faces light up when they’re taken back to a great place in their lives.
    Have you any plans to bring the film to the Beatles Festival in Liverpool this year?

    Eddie Miles

  30. Michael says:

    This looks wonderful!
    Are there any plans to show this- or make it availlable in NYC?

    (Saw ’em at Shea 2X- as well as various solo shows-) nearly got to the last Sullivan taping-’65- but my buddy (whose dad worked backstage at cbs) took another friend as I was at a Yankee doubleheader- wanted to leap from a tall building after that one

    I saw John and Yoko on 72nd St and Bway in the 70’s- He was carrying the Sunday NY Times. I gasped- and he put his hands to his lips in a mock “sh”.. It was funny- also was at the One to One afterparty @ Tavern on the Green and rubbed elbows with the radicals there- My voice is asking a question of John at A Dick Cavett taping- also 70’s as I recall- Saw George walking into a studio- no Paul sighting- but have seen him live (once in the second row-’89) at least 4X-Saw George on his tour (when he was hoarse)

  31. What an honor to be one of the first people in the world to see your cool film! Thank you. The stories get better & better, so heart warming & wonderful. I had to rewind several to see them again immediately. It’s so cool to learn first hand stories. A brilliant idea for a film. I love that you’re in it. It’s so cool to feel your sincerity & see your excitement. Even when I watched the trailer I’d hoped you kept your scenes in the final cut. Beatle-icious! love, L Pass George

  32. […] this week’s LETTERS FROM THE ROAD guest author is a friend, a brilliant singer-songwriter, Beatles videographer, baseball biographer and more (words can never really do him justice)… Seth Swirsky. A […]

  33. Cathy Sarver says:

    WOW Seth!!!!
    You finished the film!!!! My friend googled my name (I don’t know why) and found your film’s web site!!!! Now all my friends and I want to know when the film is coming out and how we can own our own copy!!! You’ve done an incredible job!!! Thank you sooo much for thinking of this and thanks to everyone who participated.

  34. Lisa B. says:

    Oh my gosh Seth, watching this trailer brought tears to my eyes. I cannot wait to see the film. It’s a Beatle fan’s dream!!!! I hope this is a huge success for you.

  35. Linda says:

    What a labor of love. Loving the Beatles I moved to England in the early 70’s with three friends and had the time of my life. I was lucky enough to meet George at Abbey Road and John at a Grapefruit signing. Both highlights of my life. I can’t wait to see your entire documentary. Good luck with it.

  36. Mindy says:


    I can’t freakin’ wait!


  37. Paul says:

    This Reaaly Great ….Congrtas …Seth -Didnt see The Boys Live in concert BU TDid see them on The Balcony of The Liverpool Empire Theatre ..(BUT Thats Another Story ) Good luck with the project .

  38. howard says:

    I’m impressed! Just can’t wait to see this film but how did you manage the rights to use Beatles recordings? I will be watching it in the theatre and buying on DVD, that is a promise !!!!

  39. Cindy says:

    This is really an amazing film. Thanks for sharing it with us. I just want to know when is the release date of this film? I definetly want it. It is great to see a film made by a Beatles fan!!!! Love it. Beatles forever!!!

  40. Steve says:

    Your recorded work with Red Button is brilliant – I have every reason to believe (after seeing the trailer) that this film will be up to that same standard. Good luck with the project. I can’t wait to own a copy to share with my children.

  41. tommy allen says:

    …….goose-bump inducing!!!!

  42. Tim Kelly says:

    Absolutely great effort! Can’t wait to see more.

  43. Jimmy Arone says:

    A labor of love. Can’t wait Seth, can’t wait. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

  44. Robin Roberts says:

    This one is a definite “must have”!

  45. Tom Aguiar says:

    This looks fantastic. Absolutely brilliant. A new take on the story that hasn’t been done before. I WANT IT THE DAY IT COMES OUT!

  46. Susan Fischer says:

    This looks amazing! I can’t wait for the release of it and to give it a review!

  47. CrazyMark Austin says:


    Wow!! What a brilliant concept!! Anyone coulda thought of this!! You’ve gotta pinch yourself once in awhile, huh? Seriously, my wife and I can’t wait to see this amazing journey on film!!

    I still can’t believe that thi is YOUR project!! Dig it…I now live in Birmingham, Alabama. “Instant Pleasure” was mailed to me by my now wife, who lived at the time in Napa Valley, California. Of all the power-pop CD’s I own (about 120 or so), this one is. and will always be my favorite! You win even over The Spongetones! One day, I went to open the digipak cover, and the CD was missing! I put the idea of ordering another copy for myself on hold…that was about six months back. Tonight, my wife, Julie decided to order it from Amazon. She became mildly interested in perhaps more of your work, so she Google’d your name, and this is how we came to know of your new film project! Anyhow, the CD should be here in a matter of days, and all we want to know now is…how and when will this project become available to be seen in all of it’s amazing glory??? Perhaps you could drop us a line or two at the “gmail” address abouve so we’ll know. Thanks for your great music, Seth! Congratulations as well on this incredible project!! P.S. Seeing all of these artists and producers, engineers, et. al., many for the first time is a kick!! Seeing Joey Molland was a thrill for me…I met him during his last (?) Badfinger reunion tours in the mid ’90’s…I owned a record store in town at the time and he dropped in for about 30 minutes or so…what a thrill to have gotten HIS autograph!! Oh, yeah..the show was incredible, too!

  48. Janet Jones says:

    Looks like an amazing Beatles documentary, can’t wait to see the full film!

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