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Beatles Stories DVD – Seth Swirsky
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Another Beatles DVD? Oh no!… In this case, a very resounding: Oh Yes! – But wait, you may reason, hasn’t every possible thing that could be said about John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, already been documented, booked, DVD’d and CD’d to death?… Well, yes but considering the never dying fascination with the musical and pop cultural impact of the “four lads from Liverpool” which turned 50 this year and still going strong; it took someone with the vision of musician, producer, Red Button band member and baseball expert Seth Swirsky to tackle the Beatles’ lore from a totally different angle.

Without a set deadline nor hurry to produce anything that would not result in worthwhile project, Seth set out,with his professional video camera and other wonderful gadgetry, to interview the famous and perhaps not-so-household-names that have “close encounters of The Beatles’ kind” in the past.

Where else can you find the likes of Susanna Hoffs (Bangles), Justin Hayward (Moody Blues), Peter Noon (Herman’s Hermits), Ben Kingsley (yes, THAT Ben Kingsley), Ray Manzarek (Doors), Graham Nash (Crosby, Stills & Nash), Klaus Voorman (personal friend of The Fabs who played on numerous of their solo albums), Smokey Robinson, Lucy Baines Johnson (daughter of President Lyndon B. Johnson) and Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) describing for Seth’s viewers some very tasty tidbits of their relationship with The Beatles… the list of people interviewed is quite extensive to mention here but just know that each person on the list makes it worth our while. The “illusion”, if you may, is as if Seth found a way to invite his guests to come over to our house to sit and chat with us as they spin their Beatles’ memories… or is it us at their place?… either way it’s a very intimate experience.

To begin with, Seth discovered the magic of The Beatles’ magical mystery music at the age of 7 and has been hooked ever since. Swirsky is also a hit charting composer in his own right. A mammoth, globe trekking project such as this necessarily required someone with a passion for All-Things-Beatles such as Seth… and it shows, it comes through the camera’s lens when you sit down to view…no… more than view… to savor every story like a succulent morsel.

There are a few interviews that were probably beyond Seth’s grasp to interview the guest in person. That didn’t stop Mr. Swirsky from obtaining the never-heard-before story and he brings it forth through a phone conversation with the proper graphics to frame the mind movie… this does not detract from the overall production… on the contrary, it serves as a welcome and refreshing change of pace setting the stage for the next interview.

If you are a Beatles’ fan (who isn’t in one way or another?) and beyond that, if you thought your Beatles’ collection was complete; think again… it’s missing this important piece of musical history… the “other” stories of those who were there… those who met them… those who encountered them in one way, shape or form. Once you’re finished with your first viewing, like a great book, you’ll come back to it again I promise. You’ll also be calling your Beatles’ buddies to hold a Magical Mystery Tour screening of this documentary at your house… but, better yet; let them get their own copy… Yeah, it’s THAT good!

Seth, thanks for taking the time and the humongous effort of years-in-the making; to gift us with “Beatles’ Stories”… 5 Stars and highly recommended!

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