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The New York Post: Starr Report

Most avid Beatles fans settle for schooling themselves in random trivia facts about the band, interpreting Beatles songs, arguing over Ringo Starr or attending Fab Four fanfests. But noted songwriter/author/memorabilia collector Seth Swirsky did more – a lot more.

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Interview on BBC Radio Merseyside Sean Styles show

Listen to the interview – from 30 mins 20 secs to 35 min into the program:

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Beatles Stories is Opening Worldwide on June 6, 2012

Beatles Stories — A Fab Four Fan’s Ultimate Road Trip will make it’s worldwide debut in three theaters in England on Wednesday, June 6, 2012.

It will play, at 9 p.m., at the Odeon Theater in London (Kensington), in Manchester (Printworks) and Liverpool (Liverpool One).

A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

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Examiner: Exclusive interview — Director Seth Swirsky Talks About the Making of Beatles Stories Film

Part 1
Part 2

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Review in

“Like many of us, singer/songwriter, Seth Swirsky has always loved the Beatles. As a youngster, living in Long Island, New York, he and his little brother happily bounced on their beds to the sounds of the Fab Four…”

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BigHollywood: Seth Swirsky’s ‘Beatles Stories’ an Epic Unto Itself

An e-mail exchange with John Lennon’s ex-lover May Pang set Seth Swirsky on a crash course in documentary filmmaking.

The singer-songwriter with both a bevy of chart toppers and a respected solo career to his credit, met Pang about six years ago following an email introduction. Swirsky asked Pang if they could take an impromptu tour of Lennon’s infamous “lost weekend” hot spots circa the early 1970s.

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Singer-Songwriter Goes on Five-Year Beatles Journey

At press time, there is only a single, brief review for the documentary Beatles Stories to be found on the film’s official website. But it’s a powerful one. Says Cameron Crowe: “This film is fantastic, so from the heart and so wildly revealing. An epic and timeless masterwork.”

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